Monday, June 28, 2010

I was thrilled to learn that my layout wound be featured in the 2010 version of the NMRA calendar, Canadian edition. The image shows Maine Central train #391, The "Oil Can" crossing Boundary Road on its approach to North Dover yard limits. The flare on the locomotive headlight is purely accidental. I took the shot with an ordinary point and shoot camera and the Athearn Genesis F-Unit has such a bright headlight! Yup, I am Mr. Month of May (which happens to be my birthday month). Two good friends, Chris Lyon (Mr. August) and Trevor Marshall (Mr. September) also appear in the calendar. To say the least, this was a big thrill for me as I am just a big kid at heart!


Niall O'Brien said...

Well done Mike - it is a wonderful layout - enjoy watching it in action on Chris's YouTube videos.

pai young said...

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